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Columbia Bogota international building materials

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 Columbia Bogota international building materials and design exhibition is sponsored by the Columbia Ministry of construction of the exhibition, every two years, held in Columbia, capital of Bogota, has so far held 13 sessions.

Exhibition data
- 6 days of the exhibition received a total of 56229 professional audience.
Exhibitors from 18 countries, 513 companies to participate in the exhibition,
- 30% or so visitors can purchase orders on the spot,
- 82% of visitors come here looking for new products and are basically satisfied with their return,
- about 93% of the exhibitors and the presence of visitors to the face to face exchange between the obvious.
The exhibition will also be held in the same industry docking, so that buyers and enterprises more direct face-to-face negotiations; for which 275 exhibitors arranged for the 1370 industry matchmaking. Thus, the exhibition is not only a strong growth, the effect is more obvious, for the enterprise to open up the Columbia market so that the United States provides many opportunities.
Take you to explore the South American market:
Bogota as the capital of Columbia City, many banks and corporate headquarters, a total of about one hundred thousand enterprises. About 4 billion of foreign investment in Bogota every year. 24% of Columbia's exports are produced in Bogota, about 400 multinational companies have branches here.
With the continuous improvement of the economy in recent years, the government to increase investment in infrastructure projects, more and more Chinese enterprises to participate in local infrastructure projects in Columbia cooperation. Outdated infrastructure has not been able to meet the speed of economic development in Columbia. In recent years, the Columbia government party by increasing domestic financial investment in infrastructure, support in the country built more than a road; on the other hand, the reform policy, reduce the access conditions, infrastructure construction actively encourage private capital and foreign investment in the country. At present, in highway construction, railway reconstruction, harbor construction, river dredging and construction of hydropower station, airport expansion, irrigation, power transportation and other infrastructure projects have the potential to be tapped.
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