MIDAS Integrated ceiling

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MIDAS  Integrated ceiling

Product Specifications


MIDAS Integrated ceiling


MIDAS since 1986 into the suspended ceiling industry, continuous innovation, and enhance market competitiveness. The first to enter the integrated ceiling industry in 2005, after 25 years in the ups and downs, and consumers alike, as the minds of consumers, integrated ceiling, Lai integrated ceiling also received the "China integrated The ceiling of the top ten brands, "Chinese famous brand", "World Expo integrated ceiling exhibitors".

Reinforce the internal strength technology for the first
Lai has a perfect management system, as well as industry-leading product development, technological innovation capability. Through the introduction and absorption of the top domestic and foreign equipment and high-tech, relying on the advanced management mode and marketing model, Lai took the lead through the ISO 9001:2000 international quality system certification. The trend of global economic integration, My Lai, with mastery of core technologies and product designs of fashion and function of human nature, in order to enhance consumers' taste of life as its mission, adhere to the "high-end, boutique, high-quality" of line, and actively provide the best cost products to consumers around the world.

Honesty, innovation, leading step by step
We are confident that we pursue the ultimate in the art of home. In good faith the cutting-edge fashion design concept, the interpretation of artistic creation from the design point of view of life at the same time, the My Lai has been in constant reform and innovation. Collection of more than 20 years professional experience in special environmental studies in the kitchen and bathroom and a powerful new research and development capabilities, the My Lai on the basis of the original product in early 2005, independent research and development and production of the Levin integrated ceiling series. The product to the ceilings and lighting, heating, ventilation, audio-visual alarm systems, intelligent combination, not only the efficacy, safety, aesthetics has increased substantially, but also to do a modular, component-based, and provide the best quality products for our customers to create personalized kitchen and bath . Innovation Lai rendering closer to life to create a more viable product, but also enable enterprises to achieve faster, more stable and sustained development.

MIDAS Lai integrated ceiling is located in the old times, the nation of the gross industrial production, the hometown of Chinese aluminum plate, Foshan, and build factories in 1986, the beginning of building materials, Lai suspended ceiling as the main production of the brand, selling products in China. In 2005, Lai took the lead into the integrated ceiling industry, has become a leader in integrated ceiling.
Edit this paragraph, the brand honors
Since the plant after the My Lai integrated ceiling not hesitate to employ highly qualified personnel, continuous development of continuous innovation to create a series of high-quality, high-quality integrated ceiling products, Lai integrated ceiling also received many honors! 2008 My Lai integrated ceiling was awarded "China Top Ten Brands of the integrated ceiling," Chinese famous brand "in 2010 was invited to participate in the Expo will showcase the brand and get the" Expo certificate "integrated ceiling top ten brands
World Expo certificate
Chinese famous brand.

Integrated ceiling product size 300 * 300 300 * 600. Technology products are mainly laminating, roll coating, sanding, oxidation, corrosion, mirror, fluorocarbon roll coating such as a few major categories. Lai integrated ceiling located aluminum township "natural products, the material is top grade. Lai integrated ceiling products as long as the following categories:
One, integrated ceiling Lvkou Ban
IKEA series aristocratic family - Gray Floral
2, 3, aristocratic family, art color family, fantasy series
Second, integrated ceiling electrical
Lai integrated ceiling LED electrical class is also diverse. Single-lamp heating, lighting a single lamp, a single ventilation, lighting, ventilation, carbon fiber triple carbon fiber Observing multi-style appliances! In addition: My Lai since the production of various kinds of integrated ceiling accessories, such as: the keel, moldings and so on.

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