wei Yani Ceramics

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wei Yani Ceramics

Product Specifications


wei Yani Ceramics Co., Ltd. was founded in 1990, is a product of independent development, production and sales of private enterprises, the development so far, the only Yani bathroom has become a famous brand. The company has abundant capital, currently employs 500 people, including more than 100 scientific and technical personnel, production and introduction of advanced technology production line of Italy, the annual effective production reached 1,800,000 units. 
    wei Yani life focusing on high quality bathroom and invited well-known Italian designers and technical experts in Hong Kong joint design. Standard technology and advanced production equipment, joint, international fashion expertise of production and the composition of raw materials, international quality standards and scientific processing of the perfect combination of sophisticated production and professional, elegant design, the weiyani has become a world brand Yani bathroom modern popular leader. Our only Yani people understand: only Yani more than a product, it is the set of artistic beauty and health bath culture in one incarnation! 
    wei Yani has long been the principle of "market-based, open up a strong market" development strategy, with good credit and strong strength of the world, and in December 1994, passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification. After long years of efforts, we not only achieved a remarkable achievement, but also trained a contingent of hard work, the courage to challenge the success of the sales force with a sense of team. 
    wei Yani brand in the market has caused a strong response, the customer has won a good reputation and trust. In the near future, only Yani market share in the firm on the basis of the current to continue to enhance its strength, to build bigger and more powerful sales network, and strive to keep the only Yani brand throughout China and around the world. 
    wei Yani, a symbol of success and taste.
    You are welcome to join us together build a wei Yani's brilliant!