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hao yuan outside garden furniture

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hao yuan outside garden furniture

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Located in the economically developed Pearl River Delta hinterland, adjacent to Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Dongguan, Zhongshan and other major cities - Guangzhou, Panyu, Guangzhou City, Garden Outdoor Furniture Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of outdoor leisure furniture manufacturers. The company occupies more than one hundred thousand square meters, the introduction of foreign advanced equipment and production technology, the company invited a variety of outstanding management personnel and technical professionals to join, strict production management and perfect after-sales service, our products regardless of the election Materials, process design to reflect both the unique quality and style. The main products are kinds of cast aluminum, steel, West rattan, wood chairs, Matutes forest cloth and other outdoor leisure furniture series, elegant, fashion, beauty, unique European style, the combination of art and taste, making home , Gardens, villas, entertainment and leisure venues gift to fashion casual style. Products are exported to Japan, Europe, Australia and the Middle East and other regions. In the company of "quality first, customer first " service and dedication to customer service. With China's accession to WTO, Garden Outdoor Furniture Co., Ltd. will establish a new management concept, the implementation of brand strategy, according to the enterprise market position, to advance product development for all customers to provide quality products and services.

 In the use and storage, do not make contact and close to the fire and heat, not on the sun for a long time exposure; otherwise, easily deformed, bending, cracking, loose, come off. Salt water to clean with a light cane furniture, that is able to decontamination, but also to maintain a long-lasting flexibility, you can also have some anti-fragile, anti-moth-eaten effect. Rattan most afraid of the gray and difficult to clean, usually wet the surface of the soft dust cloth can be used. Gap between the paintbrush or a vacuum cleaner dust, clean, non-destructive use of the surface of the cleaning agents rattan furniture, or solvents to clean, wash with water and avoid direct exposure to the sun so as not to lose the flexibility of rattan and luster.

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