SHI ZHUO OFFICE Furniture Co., Ltd.

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SHI ZHUO OFFICE  Furniture Co., Ltd.

Product Specifications


SHI ZHUO Furniture Co., Ltd. Guangzhou  was established in 2006, located in Baiyun District of Guangzhou Jinpen Industrial Park, covering about 15,000 square meters, about 250-300 employees, is a chair industry: furniture design and sales of medium-sized manufacturing enterprises .
    Shi Zhuo owns two production bases; chair industry base to: auditorium chairs, theater chairs, desks and chairs, waiting chairs based. Furniture production base in order: plate office furniture, wall composition, school furniture, apartments and other supporting family-based. Inspired by European, American and Korean style, leading to the international trend of furniture blends Chinese and Western arts. Shi Zhuo sales network covering more than thirty medium-sized cities in China in recent years in Chongqing, Wuhan, Shandong, Hainan, and other places to set up branch offices, and actively develop the overseas customers, sales from 38 million in 2009 rose to 50 million , foreign sales accounted for 30% or more, and won the majority of customers at home and abroad spoke highly of and appreciation for, and maintained long-term business dealings. Cheuk the world precisely because we continue to forge ahead, that makes the world Zhuo in the fierce market competition in the steady development and growth!
    Cho has become a world famous brand furniture industry has become a standing member of Guangzhou Furniture Association, China Furniture Association unit, the company has adopted and strictly implement the ISO9001 international quality management system and ISO14001 international environmental management system requirements, access to China CTA (China Testing Alliance) certification, in terms of environmentally friendly building materials, CTA implementation of the highest international standards. Firestone Guangzhou Zhuo products have obtained the product quality supervision and inspection "product certificate" and the Chinese People's Insurance Company has insured the quality of credit insurance products.
     Shi Zhuo committed to providing customers world-class standard service, with 200 square meters in Guangdong Shunde Zhuo public seating of the World Exhibition Hall, the company displaying the ad hoc 1,000 square meters of exhibition center, taste and elegant design, carefully selected materials, fashion style, allowing you to enjoy the space in the Smart and fun, elegant taste of life.
     Shi Zhuo all my colleagues would like to sincerely for your work, good for you to create a good corporate image, paving the way you and I success