cococeli sofa

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cococeli sofa

Product Specifications


 2COCOCELI Hoh Xil, founded in 1968 and Sicily in southern Italy.
 In 2006, the Hoh Xil into China, to join the SkyTeam International Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong), Chinese and Western cultures to create bright.
     Hoh Xil R & D Center, Chair of the famous Italian designer original design, all products developed, new sofa every year hundreds of simultaneous worldwide release.
     Hoh Xil own style system, both the clean lines, fashionable, stylish colors and pleasant modern style, there are luxurious and elegant, sedate style of classic European. Fully meet the modern pursuit of individuality, taste and free life of comfort and requirements. Every classic Zhaobi, every innovative design, makes our life full of new ideas.

     Smooth lines, perfect quality and top design and material, reminiscent of the verdant region of Sicily in southern Italy, olive trees, beautiful hills and golden sunlight, and the Italian furniture brand products Hoh Xil is the embodiment of style .
     Hoh Xil is always focused on the sofa, and continue its diversification and segmentation. Adhering to the professional fashion design and craftsmanship, with a complete set of hand-Hoh Xil process standards, more concentrated a large number of skilled technicians hand. Meanwhile, the company has introduced from abroad groups of the world's leading production equipment, which greatly improved the scale, standardized production capacity.
 From 2006 to now, all over the country for more than 50 franchisees over the Hoh Xil. Hoh Xil through various forms of development of international trade. Now and more than 30 countries, regions, customers establish a cooperative relationship, including the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, France, Germany, Italy, Korea, Israel and other countries.

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