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Soft bed to create a global brand

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Soft bed to create a global brand

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Soft bed to create a global brand
Dream of thinking established in 1984, the company since its inception, is committed to enhancing people's quality of life and new life philosophy. Always lead to the world's most cutting-edge sleep technology to China, plan to introduce foreign advanced technology and equipment, advanced production management and strict quality management system, the World team R & D personnel, marketing high-quality team and perfect after-sales service system , is China's earliest creation software furniture franchise model is one of the brands, became the upholstered furniture industry in one of the best known brands. Twenty years, we have millions of families around the world provide a healthy sleep services.
       Soft bed to create a global brand, has always been committed to culture and artistic taste products of mining and upgrading, financial and Western cultures in one home, as always lead the Chinese culture to the furniture of sleep leading brands, always with its unique creative , giving owners enjoy outstanding, highly acclaimed world counterparts.

Twenty brilliant set hard and won praise from the global market
The high-tech elements, environmental protection, to the traditional concept of health into the bedding, the use of Germany, Italy, France, Japan and the United States the world's most cutting-edge sleep technology, global sourcing of raw materials system and dreams thought a strict "zero defect" quality management, access to international acclaim with the industry's consistent, hard years of hard won more than 20 professional certification within the industry and honor, stand the world's most demanding quality inspection, export more than thirty countries and regions, the industry the leader and become a global consumers.

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