SSWW bathroom

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SSWW bathroom

Product Specifications


 SSWW bathroom was founded in 1994, focusing bathroom for many years, has become China's famous ceramics, sanitary ware production base for R & D and marketing. Worldwide leisure sanitary ware, sanitary ceramics production base in two, six products production plant, and excellent global R & D, design, testing center, an area of ??nearly 200,000 square meters, annual production of ceramic bathroom about 5 million, the products include massage bathtub, steam room, shower room, wash basin, toilet, bathroom cabinet, metal faucet and a dozen varieties, the size of the world's leading.

SSWW quality global attention, five-year EU CE certification, and the world's first passed ISO9001: 2000, Canada CUPC, Canada CSA, the United States UPC, the United States ETL, Australia SAI and other product quality certification. Exports to the United States, Germany, Britain, France, Spain, Italy, Russia, South Korea, Japan, Iran, Saudi Arabia and other 107 countries, Sweden to maintain its leading market share position. On behalf of China's top bathroom Frankfurt, Germany to participate in international exhibitions, such as the United States KBIS show. Years of pioneering spirit, SSWW has achieved success: the brand was awarded China's top ten bathroom, bathroom famous Chinese brand, China State Construction Engineering recommended brands, China's most power brands, international brands and many other top awards, leading the overall Bathroom wind so that the world hundreds of millions of families enjoying a more comfortable and convenient, environmentally friendly sanitary intelligent new life.

Waves whales followed the international trend of cutting-edge technology and modern health and environmental protection requirements, the introduction of top international R & D technology and design talent, combined with a long history of development of modern ceramic sanitary ware ceramic industry. Unique self-cleaning nano-technology, super-clean enamel, green; response to the global water action to fully develop and 3/6L dual file 6L of water-saving toilet flushing water; six selected high-quality products imported raw materials; and with internationally renowned designers and artists who maintain long-term cooperation, the perfect combination of cutting-edge aesthetics and bathroom.

SSWW dedicated bathroom for many years, providing customers with total solutions for the whole space, the massage bathtub, toilet, bathroom cabinet, shower room, steam room and full bathroom hardware bathroom space into a whole, to meet different space requirements for consumer set to provide bathing, recreation, health, fashion, convenient, warm and multifunctional modern bathroom experience. Five-star hotels worldwide: Germany Tallinn, Hotel Lisboa Macau, China, China Taiwan Sun Moon Lake Hotel, Shenzhen, China The Peninsula has a beautiful figure waves whale products.

Build a world-class brand, full participation in the international bathroom market competition, broad waves whales to a global vision, strategic international competition starts. Uphold the "globalization of product development, global marketing strategy, pledges global" brand vision, sincerely do practical things, hard to do products for global customers to provide the most satisfactory sanitary quality.

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