Guangdong Jinke Ceramics

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Guangdong Jinke Ceramics

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Company Profile

    Guangdong Jinke Ceramics Co., Ltd. is located in the first town of Chinese ceramics Nanzhuang He Feng Industrial Zone. Strength of the company have a group of elite team. "Quality future" business philosophy into the market. Strict implementation of ISO14001 international environmental management system certification, passed ISO9002: 2000 international quality management system certification standards, ISO4025 international environmental management system certification, the ceramic industry has become the first national compulsory 3C certification.
    Since its inception, the use of high-tech, innovative business development for the purpose, to invest gradually introduced from abroad the world's most advanced technology and equipment, technology and equipment to take the tip in the same industry, Jinke people continue to absorb and digest the domestic outside the industry's R & D and marketing of advanced management concepts, high-tech and high-quality management team with the next line of integration, optimization of management, product development adhere to the "excellence" to new and unique high-quality products dominate the market, the product widely sales at home and abroad, with strength in the industry has always maintained a leading position.
    Jinke concept with high quality products into the market since production began to win the good reputation of good quality. Jinke ceramics in the "real, so fine tile" concept under the guidance of the excellent series produced in Hawaii, Mount Fuji, the Maldives, jade stone series, malachite series, Fine Jade Stone Series, Swiss Diamond Series, Long Shadow Stone Series , Ferrero Rocher stone series, Phoenix Stone Series, Paris White Series, Jade fine rock series, ceramic stone series, Mount Fuji series, Hawaii series, Alpine series. Classic rock series. A rich variety of products, high quality, trend-setting, health and safety, science and technology advantages, the majority of consumers welcome.
    In the company's future development and long-term planning, will be gradually enriched product mix, with diversified development to meet the great era of competition in the market demand in order to maintain the company's core strengths. With our spirit and motivation for you to create a perfect, beautiful and stylish space, is the tireless efforts of people Jinke power.

    Jinke Ceramics - taste of fine living, enjoy the wonderful life.


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