Louis Valentino Ceramic

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Louis Valentino Ceramic

Product Specifications


Louis Valentino Ceramic Co., established through the strong merger of Italian-Louis Valentino Ceramic Co., Ltd., Better Group (Holding) Co., Ltd., (Hong Kong) , Bali Group Co., Ltd.,(Hong Kong) and HCC Building Material Co., Ltd. Dedicated to new environmentally-friendly technology, it has become an internationally-famous enterprise, with top inventing, producing and selling skills in building material and ceramic market. Its famous products include various building and ornamental ceramic materials such as polished tile, luxurious rustic tile and sanitary wares etc..



Ever since 1999 the company founding the first factory in Guangdong, China, Louis Valentino Ceramic Co., Ltd. has set up many large and modern production bases in Korea, Foshan, Fujian, Xiamen and Inner Mongolia. The company has developed several brands such as HCC, Louis Valentino and Bally. HCC is famous for polished tile, facing brick, exterior wall tile, ceramic wall tile, artificial stone and west tile; Louis Valentino for rustic tile, wood flooring and stone; and Bally for sanitary wares, bathroom wares and faucet. With advanced technology and management system, the company has passed ISO9002 International Quality System Attestation and ISO4000 Environment Manage Systematic Attestation. The enterprise’s comprehensive power has topped the whole industry.

Quality is life of an enterprise. Louis Valentino has implemented advanced international management model. From raw material selection, warehouse entry to product circulating, standard in each part is higher than National GB/ T4100-2006 and International Internal Controlling Standard of Enterprise. All the products have passed China Compulsory Certification and reached National Standard GB/ T6566-2001 in Limit of Radionuclides in Building Materials – Part A. The environmentally-friendly, healthy and practical building products has won high social recognition, without any limit in producing, selling and using.

Louis Valentino has always enjoyed good reputation for its product originality and pattern novelty. Our ceramic engineering and technological research center has sophisticated equipment and mature facilities. Our product design is originated from Italy, the world cultural and artistic city and the top production base of building and ceramic material. Creative inspiration is the soul of Italian artistic culture. By uniting Chinese people’s connotation of ceramic art over millennium and integrating resources form east and west, we committed ourselves to healthy and harmonious products, which is also the core of our enterprise culture. We focus on technology, precise, integrity and quality in management, improving our product quality so as to perfectly combine the excellent traditional culture and modern domestic life. We will be responsible for your needs: provide professional products, perfect consuming experience and trouble-free service for consumers globally. Healthy and harmonious domestic life is in your hands.


Louis Valentino is always challenging to be the top in world building and ceramic fields. We will inherit traditional art to create peaceful and beautiful domestic space for you. Always progressing, we will lead you to experience marvelous quality life!

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