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Indonesia International Building Materials Exhibition in Jakarta in May 2018 Exh

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 Indonesia International Building Materials Exhibition in Jakarta in May 2018

Exhibition date: -21 May 17, 2018
Venue: Jakarta International Exhibition Center in Indonesia
Exhibition cycle: one year
Exhibition introduction:
Indonesia Jakarta international building materials exhibition is jointly organized by the famous exhibition company DEBINDO Indonesia and ITE. The exhibition since inception in 2003, has been successfully held 14 sessions, after the development of more than ten years, Indonesia Jakarta building materials exhibition has become Indonesia comprehensive and prestigious building materials and related services exhibition. At the same time, the exhibition also received the Indonesian Ministry of industry, the Ministry of Commerce, the Federation of industry and Commerce and other government departments or associations of strong support, in Indonesia enjoy a great reputation and influence.          stone coated steel roofing  tiles china
In addition, the exhibition held in Jakarta is Indonesia's political center, as well as the economic and commercial center, Indonesia manufacturing industry located in Jakarta around the province of West Java, Banten province and East Java province, political and economic distribution of this, determine the role of IndoBuildTech in the vane of Indonesia building materials market. Moreover, organizers of the famous DEBINDO Indonesia exhibition company, DEBINDO has been set up in Surabaya and Bandung City 4 branch, now has professional knowledge and high quality service DEBINDO successfully grown into a specialized in Indonesia professional exhibition Pioneer Co. Therefore, the Indonesian building materials exhibition is an excellent opportunity for Chinese enterprises to develop the Indonesian market.    stone coated steel roofing sheets new sunlight roof china
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