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General situation of Chinas building materials export market in Brazil

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 General situation of China's building materials export market in Brazil



As the largest country in South America, Brazil is the central market of South American countries, with only 22 million of the population in St Paul. Brazil has strong radiation and industrial leadership to neighboring countries and regions. Brazil's construction market, which accounts for nearly half of the Latin American market, has seen Brazil's construction sector increase at an annual rate of 20% over the past few years.
The Brazilian of decoration is much higher than the desire Chinese, almost every 3 years to room decorate, it is the city of cosmetic and living habits of the demand, the formation of the Brazil building materials market special relationship between supply and demand. Brazil building materials products are several times higher than Chinese products, and the quality of products is not as good as China's building materials products, so exports from China to Brazil sanitary ware, stone and other products by local consumers welcome.
As an important emerging country, Brazil building materials market is huge and growing rapidly. Brazil construction industry about 490000000000 years GDP Pakistan dollars, equivalent to US $165 billion, the number of employees 11 million; Brazil building materials sales total $178 billion Pakistani currency, about $50 billion, including construction equipment sales accounted for 11.1%, up to 19 billion 800 million Pakistani currency, accounting for 88.9% of the sales of building materials, building materials of domestic 85%, imports accounted for 15%.
In 2015, Brazil imported nearly 7 billion US dollars of building materials and construction equipment, mainly covering cement, coatings, building ceramics, cables, pipes, hardware and so on. In 2016, Brazil building materials industry construction coatings increased by 10%, bathroom equipment increased by 4%, hardware, ceramics, tiles and other maintained steady growth. According to statistics from the Brazil Building Materials Association (Anamaco), retail sales of building materials in Brazil increased by 5% in 2016 compared with last year. In 2017, 15% of enterprises wanted to employ more employees, and 38% of enterprises wanted to increase investment.
Brazil 2/3 more than building materials dealers selling imported products, sales of imported hardware tools accounted for 66%, sales of imports of lighting equipment and cable construction accounted for 60%, imports accounted for 22% of paint, imported building pipe accounted for 21%, sales of imports accounted for 4% of the doors and windows, sanitary ware sales accounted for 9%, other basic building materials can be accounted for 10%. Found, building hardware and tools in Brazil is the largest volume of imports of products.
Challenges of China's export of hardware and building materials
1. increase in manufacturing costs
The biggest advantage is that Chinese hardware and building materials manufacturing cost is relatively low, but with the international iron ore prices continue to rise, prices for steel, copper, zinc and other innovative raw materials, coupled with oil, coal prices continued to rise, the cost of hardware enterprises increasing pressure. At the same time, domestic labor costs continue to rise, further weakening the hardware building materials industry manufacturing cost advantages.
2., Brazil's domestic investment increased restrictions on imports
Brazil hardware building materials market, strong market demand based on the expected, attracted many manufacturers to Brazil domestic investment, domestic use of Brazil rich raw material resources, which to some extent on imports of Brazil constitutes a certain alternative. On the other hand, China far from Brazil, because of the characteristics of hardware and building materials of the product itself, some products are easy to damp, easily damaged, while international trade shipping costs, more on exports to Brazil constitutes a challenge.
According to the Brazil building materials procurement survey data show that to import building hardware tools (Architectural hardware, decorative hardware, iron, handle, all kinds of construction tools) accounted for 50%, to import building lighting and equipment (LED lamp, energy-saving lighting, lighting, lighting, cable, pipe, power distribution switch) accounted for 31%. To import building (kitchen faucet, pipe pipe, line pipe, pipe fittings of various links, PVC excepted) accounted for 13%, imports accounted for 13% of the basic building materials, imported ceramic ware and decorative ceramics accounted for 6%, in addition to the locks, doors and windows and architectural coatings has about 4% of the demand for imports.
South America is a key area of our country's export products, China building ceramics, building hardware, lighting and other products in the international market with reliable quality and low price has achieved high visibility and market share. In the past Chinese hardware and building materials and lighting products exports are mainly concentrated in the European and North American markets, relatively saturated, in the European market competitive situation, choice is not fully developed, the huge potential of the South American market is the Chinese enterprise market development plan.
Opportunities for export of China's hardware and building materials:
1. Brazil hardware building materials market has great potential; Brazil as emerging economies and the BRICs members on behalf of the rapid development of economy, the per capita disposable income increased gradually. The influence on the quality of life of the housing conditions of the increasingly high demand. Brazil's domestic real estate booming, coupled with Brazil is a young country, newly married housing and decoration, so that Brazil's hardware and building materials market growth potential in the future.
The 2. World Cup and the Olympic Games have been held; the 2016 World Cup and the Olympic Games held in Brazil largely driven by the expansion of Brazil City, the government investment in many aspects of infrastructure construction, port construction increased, especially in the hardware and building materials industry will benefit greatly.
Application of 3. energy-saving building materials will produce a new growth space; with the popularization of green energy saving and environmental protection material concept, consumer awareness is gradually improving, relevant market promotion work has made some achievements. For this emerging market growth point, all countries are trying to carry out relevant research, in order to obtain first mover advantage, occupation
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