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stone coated metal tile installation notes

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 Color metal tile installation notes

1, before the stone coated metal roof  tile installation, need to check the residential roof, ensure the smoothness of the roof.
2, to be installed downstream should use 40*40mm wood, spacing 750mm, and firmly connected flat roof structure. Note: a smooth to do anti-corrosion treatment according to the relevant standards.
3, the need to install the tiles should be comfortable Yong 40mm*40mm wood side, the distance from the beginning of the first calculation, the first line of 345mm, the second line to the last second lines are 370mm, the last line spacing <=365mm. Note: hanging tile according to the relevant standards to do anti-corrosion treatment.
4, batten to smooth laid on the roof, ensure the tile surface smooth, neat, compact, cornice ranks lap flat.
5, each piece of the main fixed tile nail, need to use at least 5 nails; fixed circular ridge nail, unilateral using at least 3 nails; fixed tile nail, unilateral use of nails at least 5.
The 6 day, the ridge spacing should be uniform, guarantee between ridge and oblique ridge tight joints, straight and smooth, no fluctuation and leakage, and remember to use sealing materials of seam roof and compacting the oblique ridge.
7, the water should be straight and smooth, tight joints, ensure no leakage.
8, the main side of the ridge tile in a fold width not less than 50mm, out of the peak cornice length is 20-30mm, a prominent position in the gable roof, chimney fold width not less than 50mm, width of overlap between the 60-80mm tiles, tiles in the gutter at the side folding width not less than 50mm.
9, the proposed use of special cutting knife.
At the end of 10, on both sides of the ridge to do sealing, ensure its smooth appearance.
11, fixed metal watts, recommended length of special galvanized steel 52mm nail on the nail into the tile 8-12mm, then use the special 8-10mm diameter punch nail, avoid the surface damage of colorful metal tile.
12, the lap of each line main watt hour, should be from the bottom to top, from left to right staggered joint laying.
In 13, the water board and the wall of overlapping parts, need to be covered in the main water board tiles on the folding part, and steel nails, seal with sealing material, ensure no leakage.
14, the roof chimney, skylights and other parts need to do waterproof treatment.
15, when the colorful stone coated metal roof tiles paving is completed, suggestions on the roof for cleaning and inspection, ensure the metal tile fixation, tight sealing, smooth surface.
The above is about the color metal tile installation note introduction, I hope everyone can be of good quality, beautiful appearance of the roof.
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