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stone coated steel roof tiles -Maldives water house

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 Structure and construction method of Maldives water house


Do not understand the building, according to the individual's understanding and understanding of Maldives, water to the house as follows:
Structure: water house by steel column logs or fixed on the surface of the water into the sea. Then paved with wooden floor, housing mainly brick or pure wooden construction. Roofing materials, mainly in Maldives, palm trees can be seen everywhere. Water house interior decoration are generally made of wood. Bathrooms are more intelligent, environmental protection, energy saving and user-friendly design, waste, waste water has a dedicated recycling equipment to ensure that the water house does not drain any dirt to the sea. To save water, some water house "toilet installed or water-saving device and toilet, can automatically collect the bath water and cleaning water, saving water by adding special agents to achieve the purpose of recycling.
As in Maldives the characteristics of the construction, on each island resort will basically built a water house, actually "water house" was originally the residence of the inhabitants of the island. With the development of tourism, resort on the water in the house now in the main visitors from around the world.
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