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Exhibition Name: 2015 Italy Building Materials Exhibition & European buildin

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Exhibition Name: 2015 Italy Building Materials Exhibition & European building materials exhibition


Country: Italy
Exhibition venue: Bologna Italy International Exhibition Center
Bologna International Building Materials Exhibition (saie) is the world renowned building materials and interior decoration exhibition, is one of the prestigious European International Building Expo, has been founded for 46 years. Each year, the Bologna International Building Materials Exhibition has become the industry's most professional expo. Every year, attracted from Europe and the nearly 200000 professionals here, Bologna, Italy international building materials exhibition become European leading fair in the building. The exhibition organizers more professional, all exhibitors will be through the organizers for the company's size and product variety and quality of the audit, the audit through the payment of deposit distribution professional exhibition booth, to avoid the phenomenon of Chinese companies get together. And as long as the audit of the enterprise, the product is more suitable for the Italy market products.
Bologna Italy Exhibition Group (BolognaFiere), is one of Italy's largest exhibition companies to host the three international exhibition (SAIE/CERSAIE/SAIESPRING) world, which takes SAIE as the largest and most complete product categories, each year attracts many international buyers to the scene.
Bologna, the geographical position is superior, is Italy's transport hub, the extensive highway is from surrounding cities Bologna visitors to save time. And every day to fly to Italy and the surrounding cities around the world more than 50 countries and regions, which provides a favorable support for the exhibition to further expand international visibility. 2009 in Bologna, Italy, building materials exhibition writing 45 years professional exhibition building brilliant, adhering to the technology innovation and the dream of building elements, invites your participation.
Last review:
In 2012, a total of 1530 exhibitors, the total exhibition area of 230000 square meters; 176113 spectators to participate in the exhibition, including international visitors reached 72405 people.
Scope of the exhibits
Building systems, components and subsystems, prefabricated structures, materials and components, piping and water treatment;
Construction site machinery, equipment and technology, construction vehicles, construction formwork, scaffolding, civil engineering special machinery and equipment;
Tools and fixed system development, accident prevention, security products, hardware tools, garden machinery;
Wood structure, waterproof material, soil engineering, construction chemicals, glass fiber, insulation products;
Tile products, stone products (artificial stone and natural stone fireplace), finished products and raw materials, stone tools and machinery;
Roof and exterior coating of buildings, new stone age, technical tools, measuring and controlling equipment, etc.;
Wood flooring, plywood, PVC board, artificial board, template, and wood composite materials;
Special materials, refractory materials, heat preservation materials, etc.;
The doors and windows products and accessories, interior doors, wooden doors, security doors, windows and doors veneer, plates, door handles, locks.

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