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2015 Philippines International Building Materials Exhibition

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2015 Philippines International Building Materials Exhibition


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Philippines is located in the southeast of asia. Area of 299700 square kilometers, a population of about 92200000, there are 3000000 in the Philippine Chinese, Chinese support 1/3 of Philippines's economy.
With the increasing of the Philippines in the exchange of visits between the leaders and people to people contacts, the Philippine economic and trade relations to a more rapid pace of development, especially the rapid growth of bilateral trade. Bilateral economic and trade cooperation prospects are very broad, has the very good development prospect in industry, agriculture, resources development, project contracting and other fields. Philippines's per capita GDP of $1600, is a stronger country in asean. In addition, as one of the 11 new countries. Philippines is an important country in the 4 BRICs countries and attract global investment market attention. The Philippines long-term dependence on imports of main products are: electric machinery and accessories, kitchen supplies, HVAC products, hardware, tools and civil small goods, building materials and fixtures, furniture, home appliances and small appliances, such as.
Display content:
? building materials, hardware, construction machinery, construction machinery, sanitary ware, hardware accessories, doors and windows, bathroom, lighting;
? technical equipment heating and air conditioning, hot water valve device and equipment, processing equipment, telecommunications, communications, transport technology and equipment;
Transfer of technology and equipment, water? Technology and equipment, sewage treatment technology and equipment;
? waste utilization, environmental engineering, energy, heating equipment.

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