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STONE COATED STEEL ROOF TILES, can reduce the urban heat island effect

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STONE COATED STEEL ROOF TILES, can reduce the urban heat island effect


Early roof tar coating material, the purpose of the water, black roof which will become a "standardized dress code for decades commercial buildings. In winter, black roof can increase the heat of the building is not a bad thing. Black roof increased the urban heat island effect, this effect makes the temperatures in urban areas than surrounding suburbs.

To this end, Stuart? Gaffin (Stuart Gaffin), Columbia University, New York, conducted a study on the impact of the roof color temperature. He found that,STONE COATED STEEL TILES roof can reduce the urban heat island effect.

July 22, 2011, New York City experienced a heat wave electricity consumption record-breaking studies have shown that on the hottest day, New York City, some of the dark, with a traditional roof of the surface of the absorbance measurement of temperature of 170 Fahrenheit (about 76.7 degrees Celsius); whom contrast is aSTONE COATED METAL ROOF TILES material, the measured temperature is relatively low around 42 degrees Fahrenheit (23.3 degrees C). The roof test is a way of covering New York City Mayor Michael? Bloomberg (Michael Bloomberg) for the completion of the city to the part of the action taken by the 30% of 2030 greenhouse gas emission reduction goal, being to promotion.

Environment News Service reported, Gaffin study shows that, throughout the summer of 2011, the peak temperature of the pilot STONE COATED STEEL TILES than the typical black roof of an average of 43 degrees Fahrenheit (23.9 degrees Celsius), New York for the first time for the testing of specific long-term performance of white roofing materials and a long-term efforts, but also the unprecedented, aims to reduce the urban heat island "cool roof" action of the first scientific conclusions.

Gaffin said that large scale installation METAL ROOF TILES, STONE COATED can reduce urban temperatures while reducing energy consumption and resulting greenhouse gas emissions. Research papers have been published in the March 7 online edition of Environmental Research Letters.

Compared to forests, fields, or ice landscape, urban landscape built by the asphalt and dark buildings absorb sunlight more, which formed the scientists called "urban heat island", the city's temperature significantly higher than the surrounding areas. Gaffin Previous studies have shown that the urban heat island effect in New York at night is more significant, when the night temperature is usually comparable to no heat island affect 5 degrees Fahrenheit higher (about 2.8 degrees Celsius) to 7 degrees Fahrenheit (3.9 degrees Celsius).