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stone coated metal roof Towards emerging markets

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Towards emerging markets


The relative weakness of the current market demand in Europe and America, such as the new sunlight stone coated steel roof like manufacturing companies started to target the rapid development of emerging markets such as Brazil, Russia, hoping to ease the outlet pressure to achieve transformation.
Guizhen Feng Xiang Nan Road, Guangdong Shunde capacity, a jewelry manufacturing factory stores, jewelry wholesalers from Dubai people are and the production base of staff to discuss anything, talking about "millions".

"The Middle East like the exquisite style, diamond carat ring, the average unit price of the product in more than five digits, their preference in jewelry and even more than we Chinese people to buy a house." The current business of the fastest growing but emerging markets such as the Middle East. "They are obviously from the Middle East markets have tasted the sweetness.

It is worth noting that the emerging markets, "cake" is certainly very attractive, can Chinese enterprises to break new ground when faced with some unknown factors, opportunities and risks.

Campaign "Collection"

The rise of the real estate industry in the Middle East to boost the market demand for construction machinery, metal products and tools. "Massive construction projects developed markets include Russia, Brazil, hardware and building materials, lighting, small appliances, stone coated metal roof consumer electronics products in these markets is particularly popular.

"Russia is vigorously infrastructure, in addition to heavy industry, most of the products are heavily dependent on imports reduced by 2.2% of the overall tariff level after joining the WTO, after the election, Putin pledged to crack down on the gray customs clearance and government corruption, for China are favorable factors; Brazil in 2014 to host the World Cup, 2016 Olympic Games, started construction of a large number of venues and supporting facilities, the procurement requirements increased dramatically. "Yuan godsend, Senior Manager of the Global Markets Group, told this reporter that the slowdown in the U.S. and European markets , these markets are a better choice.

new sunlight stone coated metal roof, general manager of the MR. GAO said: "At present, Europe and the United States market is relatively mature, the people of a higher brand awareness, enter the brand is difficult to survive, their procurement in China is mainly the OEM can not let you into the channel operation, and high operating costs, compared with the general product potential in emerging markets than larger. "

Place in emerging markets, adequate preliminary research is very important. Du said source Ningjie Shao, the the WCJ three-pronged consumer market research in the Middle East. On the one hand, the economic center in the Middle East - Dubai to set up sales subsidiaries in the Middle East, responsible for operations throughout the Middle East, the implementation of the localization of personnel with a professional sales team, every month like most wholesalers and retailers in the local investigation jewelry styles, the formation of research files and sent to the Hong Kong head office of each month on a regular basis for decision-making analysis, and product R & D department is the most close to the market intelligence; the other hand, the partners of the local market demand regularly sent to the company Which style of hot or what the price of diamonds is more popular, domestic R & D team will be the first time; the last one is the design team in person to the different market segments of the Middle East to conduct research.

Platform for international buyers from the global market analysis shows that relative to the traditional markets, emerging market demand for products in large quantities, inexpensive, relatively high quality requirements, but compared with India, Vietnam and other countries on the quality of still high, which is matched with the positioning of the Chinese exports.

In addition, the population of emerging markets and strong consumer desire, but the actual spending power is not enough attractive, low prices for local consumers.

"Rose without a thorn."

As the sides of a coin, the emerging markets coveted, but the entrants have to be psychologically prepared for, beware of the "beautiful rose" difficult to handle.

"China in the past few emerging understanding of the market, but many negative information, so the credit weak. Plus emerging markets do not understand the sales channels is very flawed. In addition, emerging market economy market dynamics of the monetary policy affects the export of domestic manufacturing. "the new sunlight stone coated metal roof CEO of MR.GAO analysis.

MR.GAO Chinese enterprises to enter the emerging markets are facing the problem manifests itself: not familiar with the local business environment, laws and regulations; inability to adapt to local culture, such as language, spending habits; experienced regional protectionism and trade barriers; to open up a market the lack of channels, brand recognition, a single enterprise in terms of manpower, material and financial resources, time, cost pressures are enormous.