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The four values ??of the steel structure housing

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The four values ??of the steel structure housing

Since March 2011, the earthquake again and again. A worry and anxiety, steel residential "surface", has become the topic of social concern. In fact, the steel structure house is not new, as early as the 1960s, Europe, USA, Japan and other countries (regions) that began to promote, there are some instances in our country, but the present situation, the steel structure residential awareness is not high.


Japan earthquake, tsunami make the world a panic, Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture in the Yingjiang the earthquake affect people, the Myanmar earthquake followed. The earthquake disaster highlights the value of steel residential.

China Wenchuan, "5.12" earthquake "3.11" earthquake in Japan, a group of alarming data that lies ahead -

August 11, 2008, magnitude 8 earthquake in Wenchuan, Sichuan Province, has confirmed that tens of thousands of people were killed; June 18, 2011, Japan Richter 9 earthquake and tsunami dead and missing nearly 30,000 people. People will ask: China, Japan, the number of deaths caused by the earthquake Why such a disparity difference? Leaving aside the objective factors such as population density, the construction industry believe that the different residential structure is also the number of gap one of the factors casualties.

The data show that since 1900, the number of people died in the earthquake in China up to 550,000, accounting for 53% of the global earthquake death toll, which the housing structure and materials is an important factor in causing casualties.

Japan is earthquake-prone zone, therefore, the penetration rate of steel residential high school in public buildings seismic capacity of up to 10 ordinary residential buildings can withstand earthquakes above seven. Practice has proved that the Japanese steel construction and light building material has played a very important role in the mitigation of damage caused by the earthquake. Steel construction, light weight, excellent seismic capacity has been widely recognized around the world.

There is no doubt that the promotion of steel structure housing the asylum and respect for life.


Over the years, our residential construction field manual wet work, there is low productivity, long construction period, high energy consumption, serious pollution, is difficult to guarantee quality and performance, short life cycle and other issues. The data show that the number of construction waste in China accounted for the nearly forty percent of the total municipal solid waste. According to rough statistics of the loss on the construction materials of brick and concrete structure, reinforced concrete structure, the annual China's urban construction waste generated by up to 400 million tons.

Steel structure housing to reduce the environmental destruction of the traditional building materials of brick production, lime, cement and excavation of sand and gravel, construction waste, construction dust, noise is greatly reduced, easy alterations and demolition, materials recycling and re-utilization , many developed countries see it as an important way of reserves steel.

China's population and more livable land is limited and high urban population density. Therefore, housing must mainly to high-level, multi-high-rise which is the steel structure residential "high, large, light the unique advantages.

Reduce the water consumption of unit of industrial added value, reduce the per unit GDP energy consumption, reduce the per unit GDP carbon dioxide emissions, reduce the amount of arable land occupation, and to reduce emissions of major pollutants in the steel structure house with the "12th Five-Year Plan binding targets for five of the environment and resources is closely related.

More substantial energy-saving and environmental protection, and highlights the value of steel structure house.

Reducing the burden

The housing industry is a shortcut. The development of the housing industry depends on the extent and level of domestic industrialization of parts industry. In these respects, the steel structure house has been pre-empted.

As early as 2002, the Tianjin Construction Engineering Group to develop steel - concrete composite structure, Laiwu Steel, Ma On Shan steel plant, Benxi Steel and other domestic steel companies constantly develop new types of steel to provide strong support for the steel industry.

2009 by Hangxiao Steel independently designed, installed the first steel housing complex - the completion of the century home in Wuhan. "Building blocks" to build a house has become a reality.

December 7, 2010, the national housing industry base in Hangxiao Steel listed, which is granted by the Ministry of Housing and Urban national steel housing industry base, the steel structure of the housing industry has been referred to the important agenda.

China's steel production has been for many years ranked first in the world. After several years of development, the domestic steel residential industrialized technology is maturing, and laid a solid foundation for the housing industry. Steel structure housing the upstream and downstream linkage, will lead the iron and steel, machinery manufacturing, the industrial design,stone coated metal roofing tiles manufactury, material recovery, upgrading and development of a series of industrial chain.

Further highlights the value of steel residential.


Change the real estate industry, the low-end development, promote the transformation of labor-intensive industries to knowledge-and technology-intensive, to reduce excessive dependence on labor and resources, steel residential industrial upgrading.

The survey shows that a steel structure building, traditional reinforced concrete structure housing situ part of many, the need for manual operation of a large number of workers in the scene, steel residential realized the parts, industrialization, and can reduce labor 2/3.

The steel structure house will greatly liberating the productive forces to such a large downsizing will help the flow by the construction of migrant workers to other industries.

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