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Recruitment difficulties IN FOSHAN CITY

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1"Recruitment difficulties" to accelerate the industry reshuffle



    --- Foshan ceramic industry employment gap of up to 40 percent of human enterprise to retain employees


    2012 was a lot of people in the industry known as the "most difficult" year, starting the year "labor shortage" leaving the enterprises miserable. How to retain employees and attract talent, to become the primary challenges facing many enterprises. On this topic, the reporter recently visited a number of well-known enterprises in Foshan.

    Humane management to retain employees


    Lantern Festival February 6, in Zhangcha Anthony Industrial Park, more than 1,600 workers and their families gathered together to ride out the Chinese Lantern Festival. It is understood that the annual Lantern Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival, the company will organize large-scale celebration for the employees to create a happy and harmonious festive atmosphere.

       "Every year we are most looking forward to the Lantern Festival party staff to each other as the reunion, there are wonderful programs and sweepstakes, we are particularly pleased." In the company canteen of an aunt told reporters. Hometown in Guangxi after the holiday back to Foshan to adhere to the old job, she felt a deep sense of human touch, "like family". Li from Hunan, the families of employees, he said the Lord of love here is a few years, and now a person settled in Foshan, the times were still flies moisture.

    "Employees are the greatest wealth of the company, the humane management enables employees to live and work." Yuhong Feng said that the wages of ordinary workers every year about 20% increase in addition to the provision of quarters, the company has also built a library, organize Backstage, create a home atmosphere and improve the workers' sense of belonging. "Our new employees are mostly older employees with back fellow friends and relatives, so the annual recruitment ideal."

  In addition, the company also large-scale introduction of advanced equipment, the use of information technology, reduce workers' labor intensity and difficulty, greatly improving the efficiency of new staff training can be Confirmed by the shorter time to reach the old staff work efficiency. the day workers credit card will be able to identify their own production work is also greatly improved. "

After 90 workers love the big city

    In addition to raising salaries, improving working and living environment, a new generation of migrant groups demand more. "A lot of the production bases are located away from the city, after a lot of 90 workers are reluctant to go, would prefer less money to stay working in Foshan, Foshan enterprises to face competition with local businesses in the local recruitment, advantages were not evident on the pay and benefits. "well-known ceramics enterprises Aston Goff Ceramic chairman Chen Yanbin, not without emotion, said the young workers now pay more attention to the soft environment and development space. "In the past, a raise staff very popular off the employees now also have enough time to rest entertainment platform to showcase their talents, have a concern feel valued."

    According to Foshan Office of China Ceramic Industry Association statistics, the spring of this year Foshan ceramics industry, front-line workers and employment gap of up to 40 percent.

    In the to Yanbin opinion, the "labor shortage" in recent years more and more prominent. External and internal status quo in the ceramic industry less competitive enterprises more difficult to hire workers, open the kiln and production or will be adversely affected, which will exacerbate a new round of industry reshuffle.

    Emerging industry needs more high-end talent

    Year nine, just as many companies are still busy with the recruitment of the China Mosaic City has been fully opened. According to the mosaic City general manager Yang Ruihong, due to the mosaic more personalized, so the technical requirements for front-line workers later. From the current situation, the difficult situation of many companies hiring more obvious. A mosaic of the relevant person in charge told the reporter, corporate orders since starting the year is ideal, but some high-end talent, such as design professionals, skilled workers, as well as international trade is still scarce.

    Nevertheless, Yang Ruihong, as new building materials industry, the prospects for the development of the mosaic industry, although the EU tile anti-dumping spread ceramic mosaic products, but the industry as a whole has more than 30 percent growth in recent years.