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Nigeria imported cement the end of an era

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Nigeria imported cement the end of an era
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According to local media reports in Nigeria, with the Nepalese Dangote Group Ibese cement plant will soon put into the era of the Nepalese imported cement will completely end. Ibese cement plant for Africa scale the largest cement plant, the existing two production lines, annual output of 6 million tons of cement. Two production lines will increase after the plan, production will be expanded to 12 million tons per year, when Nigeria will become a cement exporting country.


2012 Nigeria international building materials and construction engineering machinery exhibition
Display time 2012 September 6-9 day
【Venue】 Abuja International Conference Center
Exhibition period one year term
[Group exhibition unit] Beijing Honglian Enterprise Business Exhibition Co., Ltd.

 Construction machinery: processing equipment, construction machinery, construction equipment, protective equipment on site, construction sites, facilities, etc.;?

Building materials: ceramic, natural stone, artificial stone, decoration materials, construction chemicals additives, coatings, paint, stone coated metal roofing tiles flooring and carpet, wallpaper and wall mosaics, etc., door and window materials, items shed and roof materials, insulating glass, etc. Architectural hardware: faucets, plumbing equipment, sanitary ware, door and window hardware accessories, standard parts, wire, etc.; construction products and building structure, roof, pipe network construction, fire safety systems, stoves and fireplaces, architectural technology;? 

Construction machinery, construction equipment, construction materials and machinery; mining machinery; component parts, and service providers; delivery systems, navigation systems, filtration systems, the transport medium (escalators, elevators)
? Air conditioning and ventilation systems, heating technology, leisure and sports equipment, electrical facilities, lighting systems, water treatment systems and facilities, refrigeration equipment.
Market introduction].

Analysis in June 2010, according to authorities, "the prospects for the global construction expected over the next 10 years, Nigeria's building materials market will grow at a rapid pace, the country's construction market growth rate than India, second only to China. The analysis also pointed out that Benny existing population of 154 million, has become the world's population urbanization one of the fastest, but the proportion of GDP of the country's construction industry is quite small, only 3.2 percent, far unable to meet domestic housing demand can be expected in the construction industry from 2009 to 2020, Nigeria will have a higher growth rate than China, the world's largest construction market with unlimited potential.

Nigeria is located in the southeast of West Africa, an area of ??923,800 square km, is West Africa's largest economy, after South Africa and Egypt, Africa's third largest economy and is expected to become one of the world's top 30 economies by 2011. Sitting on the Africa of oil reserves in Nigeria, with oil revenues in recent years, rapid economic growth, according to data provided by the Ministry of Finance of Nigeria, in 2010, Nepalese national economy growth of 7.85% GDP of $ 374 billion, accounting for ECOWAS (ECOWAS) to 60% of the combined GDP in terms of the West African region first, in 2011 economic growth is expected to reach 7.98%.

Nigeria is China's largest trading partner in West Africa. According to the Nepalese National Bureau of Statistics, Nigerian bilateral trade volume in recent years to maintain an annual rate of about 30% of the growth of Nepal in 2007, bilateral trade volume reached $ 4.3 billion, the country has become China's third largest exporter in Africa and fifth largest trading partner. In January-May 2011, the Sino-Nepal bilateral trade volume reached 4.13 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 40.73%, which, on Nepalese exports reached $ 3.493 billion, an increase of 44.94%, to maintain more than 40% increase in five months speed, the growth momentum in the past three years has never had. With the emergence of the new government in Nigeria election, Nigeria's overall political and economic situation is stable, the optimistic forecast, Nepal bilateral trade volume is expected to reach $ 10 billion this year. In project contracting, China in the Nepalese new sign 43 contracts, the contract amount of $ 1.417 billion, an increase of 21%. As of the end of June, China has completed contracting projects turnover of $ 1.71 billion, an increase of 61.6%.

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