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ghana international building material exhibition

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Location: Ghana, Accra International Conference Centre
Event Cycle: Once a year
Show time: 04-06 days in May 2011 

Scope of Exhibits:
● Building Material Machinery: processing equipment, glass doors and windows machinery, construction machinery, construction machinery, electric and hand tools, special purpose vehicles, transport equipment, protective equipment on site, construction sites and facilities;
● Building materials: stone (marble, granite), stone coated steel roof tile ,ceramics, home accessories, type of bricks, steel, nonferrous metals, wood, cement, concrete, glass, plaster, sealing materials, flooring and carpet, wallpaper and wall mounted, garden facilities, landscaping, furnishings, etc.;
● Construction Hardware: faucets, plumbing equipment, sanitary ware, hardware accessories, doors (including closet doors cabinet) windows and doors, metal fittings, valves, fasteners, standard parts, fittings, nails, wire, etc.;
● construction equipment: heating, air conditioning, sanitary equipment, water heaters and related equipment, building lighting, etc.;
Home Automation: Remote control, audio video installation, home theater and satellite products, cable TV systems.
Exhibition Introduction:
West Africa Construction Machinery Exhibition will be held 4-6 May 2011 to return to Ghana organized this exhibition is the first time in 2000 held in Ghana in West Africa since the architecture exhibition held in the eleventh aspect of the exhibition building materials, once in Ghana hosted the fourth. As a series of exhibition tour of Africa, before the exhibition was in Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda and Mozambique held. Tenth African building materials exhibition held in Abuja, Nigeria in West Africa, show the audience a great flow of people, many buyers, exhibitors good results, 80% of exhibitors said they would continue to participate in the next exhibition in Ghana. According to official statistics, the event attracted from China, Germany, Italy, the United States, India, Switzerland, Canada, South Africa, Ghana and other countries of the international exhibitors, visitors mainly from Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa. Exhibition by the British exhibition company ACE organized, but also by the local government support. Exhibition on Haize Jia authorized distributor in China, as host, will lead the domestic enterprises to explore the vast market in Africa!
   Ghana has 22 million people, is the West African country with one of the fastest growing economies. West Africa has 200 million population of 5 million, the market has great potential. Economic development goals of the Government of Ghana is set to 8%, the Government committed to improving the middle-income, building materials and infrastructure has played a significant role in promoting.
Economic Profile:
Ghana is a small west coast of Africa one of the more affluent countries, gold, cocoa and timber for the three economic pillars. Since 2001, new government, committed to restoring the economic construction. Actively expand foreign trade and attracting foreign investment, efforts to develop agriculture, processing industry and services. Emphasis on infrastructure and resources development investment and construction. Ghana is located in central West Africa, unique geographical advantages and convenient transportation conditions and related storage facilities, so that a higher degree of economic openness, more active trade, known as known commodities and goods distribution center, with a considerable market size and radiation function. A stronger sense of people doing business in Ghana and in good standing.


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